Drug And Alcohol Detox: The First Step To Sobriety

Your body can become used to having substances present in your system and may react strongly or cause you to feel pain when they are removed. This can be a symptom of a substance use disorder and withdrawal. The detoxification process occurs when your body begins to drug detox eliminate toxins or other substances that you have developed a dependency on. But it may be possible to detox in a hospital without going through the ER. In recent years, as the opioid epidemic has exploded, more hospitals have expanded their addiction services.

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With a slow cooker, you put the ingredients in, turn it on and let it cook, and a few hours later, you have a hot meal waiting for you. Olivine is a Texas-based psychologist with over a decade of experience serving clients in the clinical setting and private practice. It is possible to overdose on heroin, which is when the use of the substance causes a reaction that can be fatal. Roughly 15,000 people die from heroin-related overdose each year. Enter your phone number below to receive a free and confidential call from a treatment provider. Natural detox approaches, like supplements, teas, and spiritual support (like yoga or acupuncture), are also options.

What are the Benefits of Medical Detox?

You can support the process and your overall health with some lifestyle practices, including avoiding or limiting alcohol, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and eating certain foods, among others. The term “toxin” in the context of detox diets is loosely defined. It typically includes pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods, which can negatively affect health. Many diets and supplements claim to ‘detoxify’ the body from these substances, but they are typically unsupported by research.

drug detox

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Licensed medical professionals oversee the process of ridding your body of toxins from drugs or alcohol. Detox can occur in a separate facility before transitioning into an addiction treatment program, or the substance abuse center may offer both detox and addiction treatment services. Oftentimes, people complete a detox program and, subsequently, with help from their treatment team, transition into a comprehensive addiction treatment program, which can address the underlying issues driving drug abuse. The program may provide you with referrals or even help you enroll into a program so that your transition into treatment is smooth.

Drug Detox that Supports the 3 Goals of Rehabilitation

What Addictions May Require Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

  • Next, you may want to consider working with a doctor and therapist to design an ongoing treatment plan.
  • With medication-assisted treatment, certain prescriptions are given to assist with recovery and help you cope with the symptoms of detox.
  • However, they reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and risks of the process and increase the possibility of long-term sobriety.
  • Your body must recover from the damage that drugs and alcohol do, as well as from sleep deprivation, sleep disturbance, overstimulation, and other effects of addiction.
  • On day 7, mice were retested (no platform condition) 5 h after ethanol feeding (the time point by which all mice regained their consciousness and mobility).

Reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods

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